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Vol 23 No. 07 - April 1946

A Story of the Texas Navy

By A. Garland Adair

The history of the navy of the Lone Star Republic is not so well known as that of the army, yet the records reveal that aside from the Alamo and San Jacinto, Texas naval history was equally glorious, and during the troublesome era of nearly ten years between San Jacinto and annexation, the Texan fleet did more than the the army to protect the young and struggling democracy. Here is the story.

Mentions: the Ship Austin * Stephen F. Austin * the Great Hall of the Texas Memorial Museum * Dr. William E. Howard's library and in the Texas Collection at Baylor, Mr. P. B. Searcy * Charles Hawkins and Edwin W. Moore * the "Brutus," * the "Independence," * the "Julius Caesar." * Velasco * Henry Smith * Captain William A Hurd * Thomas F. McKinney * Samuel Williams * Quintana * Correo Mexicuno * Thomas M. (Mexico) Thompson * Lorenzo de Zavala * The "San Felipe," with McKinney, one of the owners * the "Correo Mexicane," * Frederick Dawson of Baltimore * the Potomac * the "Austin," the "Archer," the "Wharton," and the "San Bernard." * the "Liberty" * the "Brutus" * the "Charleston,'" * Mr. Williams * the "Zavala." * the "Invincible" * the firm of McKinney & Williams * Commissioner Williams * John G. Tod * the Galveston Navy Yard * Naval Constructor F. Rhodes * T. P. Wright, * Commanders Buchanan, Dupont, and Magruder

Presidents of the Texas Republic

By L. W. Kemp

Excellent account of the historical events and lives of the Presidents of the Texas Republic.Mentions: San Felipe de Austin * the present town of Sealy, in Austin county * Branch T. Archer * Columbia municipality (afterward called Brazoria) * Stephen F. Austin * Henry Smith of Columbia * James W. Robinson of Nacogdoches * Sam Houston of Nacogdoches * Governor Smith * Henry Smith * George W. Fulton of Baltimore * David G. Burnet of Liberty Municipality * Mrs. John R. Harris * Harrisburg on Buffalo Bayou * Preston Perry * Magnolia Cemetery * Sidney Sherman * Lakeview Cemetery * Vice President Lorenza de Zavala * Richard Ellis * John M. Lansford * Stephen H. Everitt * Margaret Moffietta Lee * Ft. Gibson, Oklahoma, near Muskogee, * Tahlahina Rogers * Captain John Rogers * Eliza H. Allen * M. B. Lamar * John M. Hansford * David Spangler Kaufman * Edward Burleson * Gen. Rafael Vasquez * Gen. Adrian Woll * Captain Thomas I. Smith, * Capt. Mark B. Lewis * Angelina H. Eberely * President Anson Jones * Oakwood Cemetery * Great Barrington, Mass * Kenneth L. Anderson

General David S. Stanley

By Col. Martin L. Crimmins

Account of the life of Brig. Gen. David Sloan Stanley who was born in Cedar Valley, Wayne county, Ohio, June 1st, 1828 and served with distinction in battle on numerous occasions, and before coming to serve in Texas, was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor for gallant and meritorious service and distinguished bravery in the Battle of Franklin, Tenn., November 30, 1864

Mentions: being stationed at Fort Leavenworth, Kan., 1857: Fort Riley, Kan., 1856; Fort Arbuckle, Indian Territory, 1858; Fort Cobb, I. T., 1860; Fort Smith, Ark., 1861; and Fort Washita, 1861 * The camp of Leon Springs, Texas, is named Camp Stanley * transferred to the Pacific Railway Reconnaissance until June 22; 1854 * Fort Chadbourne * the Cavalry School at Carlisle Barracks, Pennsylvania * Major William H. Emory * Leavenworth * the battle of Wilson's Creek * General Rosecrans * retreat to Rolla * the advance on Tullahoma * Bradyville * Middleton * Shelspring * Corinth * Dug Springs * Salom * capture of Forsyth * the capture of New Madrid * Fort Pillow, Tenn * Blue Springs * Lovejoy's Station * Kenesaw Mountain * Peach Tree Creek * the Siege of Atlanta * Gaylesville. Alabama * Spring Hill, Tennessee * Ruff's Station * Resaca * Fort Leavenworth * Fort Porter * Northern Pacific Railroad * Hon. Edwin M. Stanton * Gen. D. S. Stanley * GEO. H. THOMAS * W. E. GRANT * Harry Robb * Wauneta Robb

A Popular Educator of Texas

By Dee Woods

Account of Miss Sophie Allie Nold, a well-loved teacher and daughter of Henry Nold II ,and Elizabeth Goddin Nold. Born on April Fool's day in 1848, at Richmond, Kentucky. Her teaching career began in the school's of New Castle, Kentucky. Later, in Rockport, Texas, where she moved, Miss Allie lived in the home of her sister, Mrs. T. M. Mathis, and taught in the public schools. On September 3, 1890, she opened the Noll Seminary with twenty-five pupils, and later moved the school to Victoria, where she had many day pupils and several boarding students. Among the latter was her niece, May Mathis, who became Mrs. Harry Watson of Corpus Christi, Texas.

Because of ill health, Miss Allie gave up the Victoria venture and secured a position on the teaching staff of Mary Nash College in Sherman, Texas. Later, still in her search to regain her health she moved to other places, teaching Spanish in Denver, Colorado, and teaching English in Mexico City, Mexico. Next Miss Allie moved to San Antonio, where her mother lived with her. In the Alamo City Miss Allie tutored private pupils. On April 19, 1923, Miss Allie breathed her last breath in Atlanta, Georgia. Here is her story. Further Mentions: Julia Allie Bailey * Allie Mathis * Allie Morrell * Allie Fulton Olsen.


Obit. of Dr. Travis M. Harrell, who was born in San Saba county, Texas February 8, 1862, and was reared on the frontier. For many years he was a practicing physician in Williamson county, and was one of the best known men in that section. Mentions: Mrs. Vira Douglas Harrell * Otho Douglas and Ramey Douglas

Reminiscences of Robert Rayner

By Robert Rayner

Autobiography of Mr Rayner whose story starts away back in 1875 on the head of the Pedernales river when the Indians killed some men and a woman and took several children captives, among them being Jimmie, Dorcas and Alice Taylor, the latter being Mr Rayner's mother, who married Gaston Rayner. Contains old photo of author. Mentions: Ed Jaynes * Junction City * J. M. Bourland * the old Junction City Clipper * Center Point * Johnson Fork * Lewis Lockhart * Mr. Long * Seven Rivers * Roswell * Douglas, Arizona * Burhart in Trinidad, Colorado * Mart Fanning * Fanning * Carlsbad * Will Schrier * Old Blackhead * John Scott * the Turkey Track outfit.

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