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Vol 23 No. 10 - July 1946

The Noakes Raid

By Miss Ruth Dodson, Mathis, Texas

Article describes the story of the Noakes raid, the Mexican bandit raid on old Nuecestown, twelve miles west of Corpus Christi, on Good Friday, March 26, 1875.

Further Mentions: Thomas Noakes * Noakes store * Nuecestown * J. Frank Dobie * Vaquero of The Brush County * Allan R. Bosworth * John Dunn * the Dunn boys * The Motts * Corpus Christi * Live Oak County * George Wright * Judge Gilpin * Miss Laura Allen * her brotherinlaw William Stephenson * George Franks' store at the Juan Saenz Ranch * George Reynolds * Fred Franks * the Reynolds ranch * Mr. Reynolds * John Dunns lived about six miles west of Corpus Christi * Mr. John McClane, Sheriff * John B. (Red John) Dunn * George Dunn * Sidney G. Borden, Sr * Pat F. Dunn * Banquette * James M. Hunter * Elizabeth Page * The Dunn boys * old man Campbell * a man named King * John H. Gallagher * the Bidwell hotel * Pat Whalen, George Swank, and Jim Dunn, a brother of Red John and Matt * Fitzsimmons Hill * Wash Mussett * a Mexican man named Juan Sena * Mrs. Scott (later Mrs. Sidbury), her daughter, Mrs. Savage * Don Enriquez. * Don Enriquez * Basil Burris * Clem Vetters * Kildare county Ireland * the Corpus Christi CollegeAcademy * Colonel Kinney * George Swank * Sussex, England * William Ball * Willis Moore * Jesus Seguira * Cortina * Alojio Garza * W. M. McGregor's store * Hines Clark * Sharpsburg * Mr. McClane * Mathis * Leopard Street * Mrs. Ferrell * Mr. Taylor * Mr. Swank * Mr. W. G. Sutherland * The Sage of Bluntzer * Dr. Spohn * Zapateria * Dona Aurelia * Thomas J. Noakes * the Nuecestown-Corpus Christi raid * General Juan Cortina * Ringgold Barracks * Las Cuevas * Camargo, Mexico * the Diaz and Solesis ranches at the Rio Grande * La Bolsa and Las Cuevas * Las Cuevas * the Campbell Ranch near Tule Lake * a store owned by George Franks * the town of Roma in Starr county.

The Old Stone Ranch

By Don H. Biggers

(The following article is taken from Don H. Biggers' rare book, "Shackelford County Sketches," and published in Frontier Times by permission of the author. The book was published in 1908, and many changes have since taken place, but the facts of history have been preserved in the article, and we are glad to pass it on to our readers just as Mr. Biggers wrote it. — Editor.)

This account describes the history of the old ranch which stands on the east bank of Walnut Creek, which empties into the Clear Fork of the Brazos, perhaps the earliest ranch in this part of Texas and perhaps the earliest white settlement as well.

Mentions:Captain W. J. Maltby of Callahan county * Captain Newton C. Givens * old Camp Cooper * an "outfit" known by the firm name of Knox and Gardner * George and W. D. Reynolds of Fort Worth * B. W. Reynolds * Mrs. N. L. Bartholomew and Mrs. J. A. Matthews of Albany * Glenn and Phin * Mrs. Reynolds * M. V. Hoover * Miss Mattie A. Matthews * Uncle Joe Matthews * the Tonkawa Indians * Miss Bettie Matthews * John H. Hancock of Austin * Judge J. A. Matthews of Albany * J. L. McCRARY

Thoughts of Jim White

By Bob Beverly, Lovington, N. M,

Account is a tribute paid to the memory of Jim White, the discoverer of Carlsbad Cavern by his old friend, Bob Beverly, following Mr. White's death. Mentions:Black River * Casteel * McKittrick Canyon * Pine Springs * Rustler Springs *

"To The Last Man" Is Ex-Rangers Motto

By Colonel M. L. Crimmins

Mentions:Captain J. M. Reed of Batesville, and Mayor Queen of Weatherford * W. M. Green * J. M. Reed * John Wallace * N. N. Rogers * A. T. Ritchie * Henry Sackett * F. S. Roundtree * Lieutenant W. W. Lewis of Menard, Texas * W. M. Green * Major; N. N. Rogers * A. T. Ritchie * W. H. Roberts, Llano, * Ed H. Wallace, Fort Worth * Miss Ruby Green, Meridian * W. Y. Luke, Weatherford * C. M. Grady, Brownwood * G. R. (Gabe) Moore * Fort Ewell * N. J. Jones * June Peak * J. W. Campbell. * Captain John R. Hughes * Art Rivers * the Choctaw Agency * Major Caleb M. Grady of Brownwood * Captain Noah Armstrong of Coleman * the HorrellHiggins feud * Captain George Arrington * Double Mountain Fork * Captain John Sparks * Captain Armstrong * Billy Brown, a saloon keeper at San Saba * T. J. T. Kendall, the law partner of Brooks, * Attorney Brooks * Bill Brown * Jim Brown, then sheriff of Lee county * W. H. Rishworth of Center Point, * Captain Rafe Perry

G. A. Holland Passes On

By J. Marvin Hunter, Sr.

Story of one of the useful pioneers of Weatherford, G. A. Holland, who was born in Kentucky in 1859, and came to Texas in 1882. He was a banker, a mayor of Weatherford three terms, a delegate to the 1932 Democratic convention that nominated Franklin D. Roosevelt for the first term; a Democratic elector ; a developer of Parker county through the establishment of post offices at Poolville and Peaster, and banks at Millsap, Peaster and Poolville; a school board member for twenty years, and as a Parker County Selective Service Board member during the early part of World War II.

Mentions:"The Double Log Cabin," * the Pinker County National Bank * Holland's Lake * his son, Barney * Congressman Lanham * Mrs. Franklin D. Roosevelt * Mrs. John N. Garner, Senator Connally and Mrs. Lanham * Benton, Ky * the Old South Harmony Singing Convention * Albert Wood * three sons, Barney and Couts Holland of Fort Worth and J. Winton Holland * three daughters, Mrs. Charles H. Moody, Sherman; Mrs. Jim H. Gilliland, Weatherford, and Mrs. Carroll G. Walter of New York City.

The March On Anahuac

By Greely Ray Riggs

Mentions numerous vital facts and divers incidents arising in 1835, from May to August, inclusive, which give sense and direction to the last four months of this year; and a knowledge of the main happenings of May and June, essential to a clear understanding of the organization of the provisional government of Texas, and the military campaign of 1835.

Further Mentions:Wm. B. Travis * Gen. Cos * The Mexican schooner of war Montezuma and the Veracruzana * Juan Calvi * John B. Nixon, a passenger on board the American packet schooner Martha * Capt. Duval * Jose Gonzales * Thomas J. and Francis S. Early * A. G. Fuqua of Courtland, Ala. and Rufus Turnage of Memphis, Tenn. * McKinley and Williams * Andrew Briscoe, a merchant of Anahuac * Lamar Papers * Gov. Pon Augustin Viesca * Henry Smith. Dr. Branch, T. Archer. John A. Wharton, Samuel M. Williams and Robert M. Williamson * Capt. Antonio Tenorio * Elija Hunnings * William E. Harris, David Harris, Cado Allen, Rufus Wright, E. Mather, H. C. Hudson, A. Farmer, Edward Wray, James Webb, James Brown, Joseph Atkins, John Reese, Andrew Lawson, and Andrew Robinson * Ritson Morris * Ashmore Edwards, Edward Purkison, J. Purkison, James Snilman, John Brock, Dr. David Gallagher, and John Jones * Lynchbureg and Spillman's Island * J. B. Miller * William Duncan *

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