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Vol 23 No. 12 - September 1946

From Ox-Teams To Eagles

This lengthy and very detailed story (nearly the whole magazine is devoted to this one article) is a republication of an old booklet originally published by the The Texas and Pacific Railway Company giving in detail the building of the great Texas and Pacific System. It is a history of railroad building in Texas and is a must-have for anyone interested in early Texas railroad history.

Mentions: Swanson's Landing on Caddo Lake * Marshall, Texas * General James Gadsden * the Messila Valley * the Southern Pacific Railroad Company * the "Bull of the Woods" * the faithful old "Ben Johnson" * the Hall Syndicate of Louisville, Kentucky. * the town of Hallsville * predecessor of the Texas and Pacific—The Memphis, El Paso and Pacific Railroad Com­pany * George Wright * White Oak Shoals * the M. E. & P. * the Southern Transcon­tinental Railroad Company * Marshall O. Roberts, President; Henry G. Stebbins, Vice President; Elwards Pierrepont, Treasurer; E. B. Hart, Secretary; and the following directors: George W. Cass, John W. Forney. John S. Harris, Henry S. McComb. John McManus, H. D. McComb, George W. Quintard, E. W. Rice, Thomas A. Scott, Moses Tay­lor, J. W. Throckmorton, Samuel Tilden, W. R. Travers, and W. T. Walters * Marshall O. Roberts * Thomas A. Scott * General Grenville M. Dodge * the Baldwin Locomotive Works * Captain R. S. Hayes * Fort Worth; Hodges, Wilson, and O'Neill, * E. D. Muhlenburg, and later Major M. F. Hurd * George Wolcott * J. A. Evans * California and Texas Construction Company * Professor A. R. Rossier * William Patrick Doty * Colonel Scott * Henry G. Stebbins * E. B. Hart * Browder Springs * Jerry Nolan * Fulton's bridge over the Red River * George Noble, nephew of Colonel Scott * the Kansas Pacific Railroad * the Penn­sylvania Railroad * Eagle Ford * Engine No. 20 of the Texas and Pacific Railroad, Kelly, engineer, and Beale, conduc­tor * Sycamore Creek * The conductor, Julius Alford * Kerley * Jay Gould, Russell Sage, George Pullman, Charles F. Woerishoffer, and William T. Scott * J. D. Merchant * Colonel C. W. Merchant * the Hashknife Ranch * Cedar Creek, Taylor County, Texas * Sweetwater Creek * Double Mountain Fork of the Brazos * George Waddell * The Huntington-Gould agreement * Collis P. Hun­tington * the Galveston, Harrisburg and San Antonio Railroad * the G. H. & S. A. * E. B. Wheelock, President of the New Orleans Paci­fic Railway Company * the line to Sierra Blanca gave the Texas and Pacific nine hundred and ninety-four miles of track in Texas. * the Red River Railroad Company * the New Orleans, Baton Rouge and Vicksburg Railroad Company * the American Railway Improvement Company * Thomas A. Scott * the line to Sierra Blanca and New Orleans * Lionel A. Shelden and John C. Brown * Governor John C. Brown * Millsap, Texas * I. B. Eliot * John L. Lancaster, First Vice-President of the Texas and Pacific, and Pearl Wight, a New Orleans banker, * O. P. Cubberly * L. S. Thorne * E. P. Turner, the General Passen­ger Agent, * A. L. Ewing * John W. Everman, a "Yankee" from Philadelphia. Everman joined the Texas and Pacific in the early 1880's * Ed Bassett and Sam West * John L. Lancaster * The Texas and Pacific Passenger Station, the immense Terminal Warehouse and Lancaster Yards * a piece of railroad magic called CTC —Central Traffic Control

Indian Raids In Frio County

A. M. (Gus) Gildea

Gus Gildea was a well known Texas Ranger. Mr. Gildea lived at Del Rio for many years, and died there in 1930. He was an eye-witness to the terrible events described in this account.

Mentions:James W. Richardson * Colonel John Richardson * C. A. (Bud) Gildea, * Mescalero Apaches * Kickapoo and Lipauns from Coahuila, Mexico * C. Woodward and Louis Oge * Ma­jor Allen * Lockhart, Texas * Billy Allen and Rance Brown * Jim Carson * Dempsey Forest and his brother, Billy Allen, Jim Crosson * Bill Daugherty * the Allen ranch * "Old Man" Jewell surveyor, Bill and George Daugherty, Lee Trimble, Ed Massey * Cibolo creek * the Todas Santos ranch of Julius McKinney * John Pranglin * Mrs. McKinney * the Santa Rosa Mountains * the old "Presidio Road," * Henry Bennett, Rufe Ridley, John Whitley, Dan Feehan and Bill Thompson * Grandpa Massey

Last Of The Old-Time Cowboys

By Johnny Moore

Account of W. H. Mullins who was a cowpuncher in the days of the longhorn cattle and the open range, and was among the last of the old-time cowboys of Runnels county. He lived in Ballinger, just below Elm Creek, and settled in West Texas when it was open range in the 1880s. Some of the first land fenced in this area was his uncle's place in Runnels county, and Mr. Mullins helped put up this first fence. His uncle's place, surveyed in 1850 with the markers reading in terms of Spanish varas, the legal measure­ment in those days, was farther up Elm Creek. Here is his story.

Mentions:the well-tended Ballinger Park * Dodge City, Kansas * the Miles and Rowena sector * H. B. (Piggy) O'Kelly * Among the large outfits were Miller-Vaughan to the south, and the Odom Cattle Co., which ran the O-D brand * the lar­gest outfit was the Parramore ranch, headquarters just up Elm Creek about 10 miles, and which spread on toward Moro Mountain * his sons, Jack and Har­ris * Trixie Routh * Mrs. Ruth Bank­ston

"Morg" Baugh Of Brownwood

Brownwood Banner

Account of W. M. (Morg) Baugh who was a pat­riarch of Brown County, TX. He lived in the county continuously for seventy-seven years and his citizenship there was as old as the county itself. He died there Nov. 10, 1938, after coming to Brownwood as a child June 9, 1858. Mr. Baugh was a genuine pioneer of Brown county, and spent much of his early life on the frontier of Texas. He was the last survivor of a family of fourteen children, most of whom came into this part of the state before the war of the Con­federacy, to aid other hardy souls in the battle of two decades against the Indians, and who remained to build homes, churches, schools and business institutions. Here is his story.

Mentions:Born Oct. 4, 1854, in Kaufman county * His father was Dave Baugh * Dave Baugh and family settled on the Jim Ned Creek * W. M. Baugh * Lev P. Baugh * Mr. Baugh married Miss Cazadie Burnett, native of Wayne county, Ky. * Judge J. Harvey Baugh, * Uncle Morg

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