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Vol 25 No. 05 - February 1948

Henry Nowlin Kerr County Pioneer

J. Marvin Hunter, Sr.

Account of the life of one of the Texas Hill country's most prominent and highly respected citizens, Henry M. Nowlin, who reached the ripe age of 87 years and two months, and at the time of of his death was the oldest surviving son of a pioneer Kerr county family. This is some exceptional, very early Kerr County history and Nowlin genealogy.

Mentions: James Nowlin came to the United States around 1700 from Ireland to escape religious persecution , three Nowlin. brothers who left Ireland together and worked their way across. , Bryan Ward Nowlin , Lucy Wade , Richard Wade , Shirod Nowlin , James Crispin Nowlin , Celia Shelton , Miss Ann E. Johnson , DeSoto county, Mississippi , Ann E. Gathings , Samuel H., Richard Wade, James Crispin, Jr., Lury and Mary (or Molly) Nowlin , Daniel, Henry Moore, Claude, Kate and Dovie Nowlin , Henry Moore Nowlin. , Bedford county, Tennessee , Logan county, Kentucky , the New Garden cemetery , Henry county, Tennessee , John Sneed , Mr. Curtis at LaGrange , Yazoo City , Ann E. Johnson , Center Point, Texas , Turtle Creek , the Naylor ranch, across the Guadalupe river , John W. Sansom , Captain Neal Caldwell's company of Rangers , some of the first citizens were the Burneys, Rees, Coldwells, Moores, Connors, Ridleys , Dr. and Mrs. J. C. Nowlin , Hernando, Mississippi , D. C. Nowlin , George (Pid) Moore , Old Lincoln Town , Neal Welborn, Jim Surber, Abe Piper, , Daniel C. Nowlin , Captain Dan W. Roberts , Charles Perrey , Ann Elizabeth Nowlin , Curry's Creek , Governor Lanham , Mrs. Kate McElroy , Jim McElroy.

Saved By A Rattlesnake

N. H. Kincaid

Brief account of an event in the life of Bill (W. J.) Wilson, who was taking his first herd to market and had fallen in with Charles Goodnight and Oliver Loving on their New Mexico trail.

The Old Time Square Dance

J. D. Dillingham

Describes the important place of the square-dance in the lives of pioneer Texans. Mentions: T. U. Taylor of the University of Texas , Billy the Kid , Lincoln County war , Sheriff Brady , Charlie Bowdry , Tom O'Folliard , he Mescalero Apache , Blazer's Mill , George Coe , Frank Coe.

Texas Woman Keeps Skull of Indian

By William David Allred

Mentions: the Dugan boys , William Alfred , Dugan's fort , Green and Henry Dugan , Miss Kate Dugan , Dan Dugan , Choctaw Creek , Renne Allred ,

Recalls Old Days at Frio Town

By Frances Bramlette Farris

Eye-witness and first-hand account of early settlers in Frio county. The author came to Frio County at age 10 and remained there for over 80 years. The author's father, McHenry Bramlette, and mother, Louisa Thomas Bramlette, moved from Somerset, Atascosa county to Frio county and preempted land near where the little town of Bigfoot is now located. This is excellent genealogy of Frio County, TX. Here is the story.

Mentions: J. L. Hyler , Longview cemetery , Wynn Haynes , Alf Taylor , Bob Taylor , Billie and Charlie Slaughter , Mrs. Coates , John Pranglin , Uncle Ben Slaughter , Amanda Slaughter, Mary Slaughter, Fannie Slaughter, Artie Slaughter, Maggie Slaughter and Ida Slaughter. , Dave Little , Will Roberts , Newt Long of Pearsall , Charley Woodward , Calvin Woodward , Nola Blackaller , John Little , the Little family , Mary Little, John and Dave , Judge McMahan , the Harknesses , Daughertys , Jim Speed and Maggie McMahan Speed , Lil Speed , Agnes , Samuel W. Thomas , Lou Thomas , Wynn Thomas, Myrtle Thomas and Barney Thomas , Tim Page , Bess , H. L. (Tiny) Johnson , Wilcox, Ariz , George Thomas , John Thomas , Frank Haynes Kilgore Haynes; Edna Haynes, , Wynn Haynes , Dave Finch; Dave Haynes and Ernest Haynes , Ed Coleman , Sophia , Mr. and Mrs. McHenry Bramlette , W. W. Cochran , Dutch Pete , Dr. C. L. Sonnichsen.

Texas Has Had Thirty-five Governors

J. Marvin Hunter, Sr.

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