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Vol 26 No. 02 - November 1948

Robert Edward Lee

Robert L. Taylor

Mr. Taylor offers this excellent sketch of the life of this consummate man of character, courage and nobility.

Mentions: the son of Light Horse Harry Lee and Anne Carter, and was born at Stratford * Westmoreland, Virginia * Miss Emily V. Mason * General Fitzhugh Lee * George Washington Custis * Mrs. Roosevelt * Fortress Monroe * George Washington Parke Custis * Reverend J. W. Jones * Cerro Gordo * Grace Darling * Lord Wolseley * General Mansfield * Marse Robert * Miss Woolsey, a nurse sent to Gettysburg * John Esten Cooke.

Jesse James' True Story Is Hobby

Dorothy O. Worrell

Leslie Traylor made it his life's hobby to trace out details of the life of Jesse James and of the James Boys. This account offers some of his more notable reflections and observations. If you are researching Jesse James' history, you will need this article.

Mentions: Robert James * Adolfo Sierra * Eagle Pass * El Paso * Zapata, Mercedes, Galveston, New York and Brownsville * the historic old Dolch Hotel * Kearney, Mo., Clay County * Zerelda Cole James * Rev. Robert James, a prominent and eloquent Baptist preacher * Quantrell's gang of murderers * Northfield, Minn * Zerelda Mims * Robert Ford.

Runaway Slaves In Texas

In 1857 Frederick L. Olmsted, famous architect of New York, made a horseback journey through Texas, and later wrote of certain events that met him in his travels, one of which was the issue of runaway slaves. Here is his story.

Mentions: Major Dashiell * Dunn's rancho * the San Antonio Ledger * little village of Piedras Negras * Eagle Pass * Mr. Webster.

Six People Drowned In North Concho

Account of the tragic events of Sunday, the 24th day of April, 1870, when Colonel Merriam, of the 24th infantry, United States army, with his family and escort encamped on the North Concho River. Fatigued with their journey, the party were pleasantly resting, when early in the evening Colonel Merriam saw signs of the coming storm. The tent was fastened, and made as secure as possible, and about nine o'clock a hail storm burst upon them accompanied with some rain and a strong wind. The fall of hail was unprecedented, lasting until eleven o'clock, the stones being of the size of hen's eggs, and striking the tent with a noise like that of incessant musketry. The colonel. who was not ignorant of the sudden and extreme over-flows to which the mountain streams of Texas are liable, went out into the darkness as soon as the storm had ceased. to see what effect had been produced on the rivulet. To his amazement he found...

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