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Vol 27 No. 04 - January 1950

Pearl Hart, Arizona Woman Bandit

J. Marvin Hunter, Sr.

Account of Pearl Hart, a good girl turned bad, who was born Pearl Taylor in the little town of Lindsay, Ontario, Canada, in the year 1871. Here is her story.

Mentions:, Deming, New Mexico , George Scarborough , the Yuma penitentiary , Coconino (Arizona) Sun , Globe, Arizona , Henry Bacon , Judge Doan , Pinal county , Maricopa , Trinidad, Colorado , McCord's Regiment of Rough Riders , Joe Boot , Mammoth, Arizona , Cane Springs , Benson , Lorenzo D. Walters, a well known officer of Tucson , Casa Grande , Florence ,

Tragedies of Montague County

Mrs. W. R. Potter

Account of some brutal Indian raids that occurred in Montague County, TX during the latter part of 1867 and 1868.

Mentions:, Nathan Long moved to what is known to old settlers as the "Chunky" Joe Wilson place, located four miles east of Forrestburg. , Old Christmas , the killing of John Leatherwood , Clear Creek , Charles McCraken , Wash and Alf Williams , Clear Creek , Miss Paralee Carlton , Dr. Davidson , Austin Perryman , Elm Creek graveyard , George Mason , Mr. Wilbur , Chunky Joe Wilson , Miss Alice Wilson , Mrs. Shegog , Clear Creek, in the Roston neighborhood , the two Menasco children , Mr. Menasco , Gainesville, in Cooke county , Sam Dause , Mr. Charlie Grant , Tom Fitzpatrick , Arthur Parkhill , Ben Steadham , Mr. Morris of Montague , the McElroy Children , Colonel Leavenworth , Mr. Levi Perryman , Foster Morris , Willa Walla Valley , the 'Stony Point" school , Nat and Dora Ellen , John Lackey , Mr. Jackson , Rile Willingham , Lieutenant Van Roberts , the Moore Hotel , Alec Frasier , Brother Descent , "Hegler's Store," , John McGee , Roberts' Spring , Rufus, the youngest boy , Captain Toddy , John Bailey , Dick Freeman , The earliest home of Dick Freeman was in a rude log cabin just back of where the store at New Harp now stands , "Billy Button." , Levi Perryman , Jim Harry , Tom Bailey , Jim Ball , Willie Ball , Chief Hal ,

The Adventures of Dr. W. A. Allen

Account of Mr. Allen's killing of a monster mountain lion in South Dakota. Mentions:, the Big Horn mountains, south of Big Horn Canyon , Rotten Grass , Indian Billy ,

Bill Longley, The Noted Desperado

J. Marvin Hunter, Sr.

William P. Longley was born on Mill Creek, in Austin county, Texas, October 6, 1851. He was the son of Campbell Longley, a good and upright citizen. In 1853, when Bill Longley was two years old, his father bought a farm one mile west of Evergreen, in Lee county. The Longley home was situated near the main highway as you journey from Nacogdoches to Bastrop. Here is his tragic story.

Mentions:, Dr. G. D. Wilkerson , the old Evergreen community , Johnson McKowen , the Taylor Clan , John Reagan , Charlie Taylor , the Sixth Ohio Regiment , Yorktown , Karnes county , Cullen M. Baker , a young outlaw named Tom Johnson , Rector , the Big Horn Mountains , Parkersville , Tom Jones , Charlie Stuart , the Williams ranch in Brown county , two men named Mitchell and Martin , William Henry , Sheriff Finley , Frank Easterwood, a noted desperado , Sheriff Finley of Mason , Lew Sawyer , a gambler named Dave Clark , Fort Ewell , farm of William Baker on Walnut Creek , Gale Longley , Bill Baker , McLennan county , George Thomas , Lovelady in Houston county , the Baker farm , Wilson Anderson , Rev. Roland Lay , William Black , Ben Franklin , Captain Milton , Sheriff Jim Brown of Lee county , John W. Middleton ,

When Sam Houston Stopped A War

Account of the dramatic effects of the war between the two rival factions in Eastern Texas known as the Regulators and Moderators, and the involvement of President Houston and the remarkable address he gave.

Mentions:, Sam Houston Dixon , the Shelby County War , Shelby, Harrison and Panola counties , James Smith , San Jacinto ,

The Last Fight In Texas Between Apaches and Rangers

Col. M. L. Crimmins

This account is written by ex-Major George W. Baylor, commanding Frontier Battalion at Guadalajara, Mexico in 1906.

Mentions:, Sam Graham , Will H. Roberts of Llano, Texas , Company C Frontier Battalion at Ysleta, Texas , Fort Quitman , General Benjamin H. Grierson , Van Horn Wells , the old Apache, Victorio , Eagle Springs , Mescalero Apache Indian Reservation , Fort Stanton Reservation , Eighteen Mile Water Hole , Bass Canyon , Van Horn Wells , El Paso or the Sacramentos , Mariano Colmanaris , Sierra Diablo , Rattlesnake Springs , Captain Thomas Byrne , Col. Joaquin Terrazas , Don Jesus Cobas , General Byrnes , Boracho Mountains , the Tres Castillas Mountains in Chihuahua , Mrs. Harry Graham , Sam Graham , Domingo Olgin and Anicato Duran , Bernardo , the Devil and Guadalupe Mountains , Sargeant Caruthers , Captain James B. Gillet , Ojo Caliente , Harry Graham , Charles L. Nevill's Company "E". ,

Massacre and Capture of the Babb Family

The murder and capture of the members of the Babb family was an event of the greatest and most sensational proportions of the period of Indian attack, and had gained historical prominence in all the books which treat of the phase of Texas history of which this occurrence is a part. The details surrounding the massacre and capture are offered in this account.

Mentions:, John Babb lived with his family on a ranch about twelve miles west of Decatur, between Bridgeport and Chico. , Mrs. Roberts, a youthful widow of very fair features , Cassabianca , Court, an older boy , Dot. a boy, eight or nine years , Wise county , a man by the name of Armstrong , George Buchanan , Lona Buchanan , Mr. Floyd , Lee Dean and Ace Henson , Sandy Creek , Ben Blanton, Lansing Hunt and Glenn Halsell. , Thorn Prairie , Old Dick Couch , the Woodward brothers , Ben Blanton , Sheriff Bob Cates , the celebrated negro, Britt, , Mr. Hilory Bedford , Colonel George Pickett , Fort Supply ,

When Pigs Kept Texas From Being A Vassal of France

Account of a notorious pig who by simply rooting around, quite in the manner of pigs, upset the well laid plans of mice and men—that is to say, republics. If it hadn't been for the interference of the pig Texas might today be a French colony, or perhaps have been the cause of a great national war between the United States and the Third Napoleon. Here is the story. Mentions:, M. de Saligny, the French charge d'affaires , Mr. Bullock , Hon. George Flood , Smithville , John W. Hill at Hill's Prairie.

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Glad to get networked with you Jim. I have really had a lot of success  with my research thanks to Frontier Times and yourself of course. Mr.  Hunter was a God send in helping record enough information to help  future generations track our history. When our families arrived here in  Texas they were ahead of government, counties, etc. so it is a great  task to piece together details. Thanks and have a Merry Christmas  brother!