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Vol 27 No. 08 - May 1950

Contents of this issue

  • Charley Chandler, A Rancher'of the Pecos - J. Marvin Hunter, Sr.

  • A Bareback Chase After  Indians - J. Marvin Hunter, Sr.

  • Thomas Jefferson Rusk - From Texas Almanac, 1858

  • Indians Eat A Man Alive

  • Brann , And The Iconoclast - From Waco Tribune-Herald, Oct. 30, 1949

  • A Desperate Hand To Hand Fight - J. Marvin Hunter, Sr.

  • A Pre-arranged Head-on Collision - J. Marvin Hunter, Sr.

  • Quihi Settled 105 Years Ago - From Hondo Anvil Herald

  • The First Sermon in Deadwood , S . D. - Colonel Harry Young

  • Felix Aubrey's Famous Ride

  • The Bonnie Blue Flag - J. Marvin Hunter, Sr.

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Our Testimonials

Glad to get networked with you Jim. I have really had a lot of success  with my research thanks to Frontier Times and yourself of course. Mr.  Hunter was a God send in helping record enough information to help  future generations track our history. When our families arrived here in  Texas they were ahead of government, counties, etc. so it is a great  task to piece together details. Thanks and have a Merry Christmas  brother!