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Published August 15th, 2014 by Unknown

[From J. Marvin Hunter’s Frontier Times Magazine, November, 1928]

Chas. A. Siringo, writer from, Altadena, California, as follows:—With great pleasure I read your article on the Hole-in-the-Wall "Wild Bunch" in the September issue. It is correct with the exception that you make a murderer out of Butch Cassidy. He was opposed to murder and saved the lives of many men. But Harvey Logan, alias Kid Curry, did enough blood spilling for both. It might interest your readers to know that as a law officer I was a member of the "Wild Bunch" for four years under many assumed names. I visited Circleville, Utah, the birthplace of George Parker, alias Butch Cassidy. There I made the acquaintance of the whole Parker family. I became attached to George Parker's pretty black-eyed sister, who was deputy post-mistress in Circleville. From her I gained many important secrets of the "Wild Bunch". Miss Parker said her brother, George, was known as "Sally" Parker when he was growing up. According to what I consider reliable information Butch Cassidy committed suicide in South America. When trapped by the native police and Harry Longbaugh, alias the "Sundance Kid" lay dead, "Butch" fired his last bullet into his own brain. So far as we know Kid Curry is still alive. He was very much alive in 1910. The Wm. J. Burns Detective Agency had me go to Morenci, Arizona, and decide as to who, single-handed, robbed the Gila Valley Bank there. I made up my mind that Harvey Logan, alias "Kid Curry" was the lone robber who pulled off the bravest robbery of the age. I knew Bill Carver as "Franks", and Kilpatrick as the "Tall Texan."


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